A multi award winning environmental voluntary group. We help by keeping our community tidy. Follow us for future events and updates.

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Pride in Pill is a local Community volunteering group, helping in and around Pillgwenlly Newport. We have regular group meetings and are gaining new members from the community.

Here is a link to our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/pamurpaol/


Lots of donations given out this week and this evening.

It’s hard work with our little group all working full time, having family commitments and all the work running PIP behind the scenes, but we’ve managed to go through everything and are so grateful for all your donations. The boots of our cars, spare bedrooms and dinning rooms look fairly normal again 😁, as sadly we do not have the luxury of a storage unit ….. but are always open to offers!!! 😉😉😉

Homelessness is a complicated issue and our followers entrust us with generous donations every week, we try our damned hardest to make sure everyone gets what they need, but it’s complicated and chaotic when you live on the streets. So we very often use common sense and discretion when giving items out.

We are in Newport City Centre from 7pm till 10pm every Sunday anyone who has questions or would like to meet us…. you know where we are.

It’s totally inappropriate to comment on social media about individual cases and we enjoy face to face discussions. 💚 We would never name or take pictures of our homeless friends for social media .

Food share.

Less than a year ago a small group of people took the initiative to do something to help our homeless community, we identified the need and started something from scratch to help those less fortunate, hoping it would have a lasting effect on thier lives.

Today Pride in Pill, Supporting The Homeless Project are pleased to announce that we are now part of the Co-op Food Share 💚💚💚

Super Excited ❤



Complicated evening full of highs and lows.🙄 Sometimes we sit and wonder why do we do what we do, PIP is a 24hr responsibly and at times can be overwhelming …. then we see this ……. 48 hour appeal for warm clothing ,tents,sleeping bags, and blankets….No words ….. just amazement, thank you to everyone who donated 💚💚💚

Fly tipping.

Clean up off Cardiff road 💚 Busy day for PIP volunteers today but more about that tomorrow ……..💚


Such a difficult week for our homeless and all the groups that help them.

Hopefully yesterday’s clean up will help everyone move on.

Thank you for all the donations. We can’t tell you how busy everyone has been behind the scenes and how all the groups have pulled together for the best possible outcome.

What matters is no-one was hurt.

Looking forward to tonight’s run 💚💚💚

Fire 5 tents.

So sad to see someone has burnt five tents down, good job no one was in them.

Thanks to all the people who have donated this evening. Everyone now has a tent 🏕, sleeping bag 💼 and foam mat .


Firstly thank you to everyone who donated this week, especially to HCT 💗 for all the lovely cakes.

So nice to have Sasha on the team again this evening. Lots of food and hot drinks given out.

Everyone happy. Thanks once again for everyone’s support- we couldn’t do this without you 💚 night night xxx

Bank holiday.

Not a bad day at the office !!!

🤣💚🤣 PIP


Busy night for PIP Supporting The Homeless Team. Lots of people out and about enjoying the Bank Holiday evening. Everyone was fed and in good spirits, I think the sunshine helps 🌞 So happy to welcome another team member this evening, you fitted in perfectly 💚

Huge thanks to Hatti for joining our food voucher project. What a fantastic group of people, we couldn’t do this without everyone’s support and kindness ….. 😘 enjoy your Bank Holiday people, don’t forget Pill Carnival tomorrow 😎

Community clean up.

Pride in Pill in association with Steve Preddy riverbank litter pick. George Street Bridge, East side, South Market Street, Pill and Riverfront. 50 bags of rubbish and recycling collected this evening ….. Fantastic news we didn’t find any sharps, what a difference to nearly a year ago when we picked up 1,500 needles in one hit !!!