Lots of donations given out this week and this evening.

It’s hard work with our little group all working full time, having family commitments and all the work running PIP behind the scenes, but we’ve managed to go through everything and are so grateful for all your donations. The boots of our cars, spare bedrooms and dinning rooms look fairly normal again 😁, as sadly we do not have the luxury of a storage unit ….. but are always open to offers!!! 😉😉😉

Homelessness is a complicated issue and our followers entrust us with generous donations every week, we try our damned hardest to make sure everyone gets what they need, but it’s complicated and chaotic when you live on the streets. So we very often use common sense and discretion when giving items out.

We are in Newport City Centre from 7pm till 10pm every Sunday anyone who has questions or would like to meet us…. you know where we are.

It’s totally inappropriate to comment on social media about individual cases and we enjoy face to face discussions. 💚 We would never name or take pictures of our homeless friends for social media .